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Welcome to Ismail Dental Hospital And Research Center

Ismail Dental Hospital & Research Center is established in august 2014 , by Dr. Shahnawaz Ismail (BDS, SPPGIDMS),with the aim to serve society as a return gift what our motherland has provided us, indeed we cant pay the debt of our motherland but we can help our brother and sisters to live a better life.

Ismail Dental Hospital is situated on Azamgarh Jaunpur road , Ismail Dental Hospital is established with aim to provide dental health care services to serve rural and urban population of Jaunpur and Azamgarh , previously poor population of these two cities are left to handle by quacks , which is both illegal and unethical. Not only we provide services we have advanced equipments to provide international quality services too. In 2015 another super Doctor , Dr. Shehla joint hands with Ismail Dental Hospital to achieve aim and since then we are keep growing and making one milestone after other

Our Uniqueness And Our Strength

Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness

Homely Environment

Sterilization to prevent cross infection

Comfortable sitting Arrangement

Friendly Atmosphere

No Haush-Paush of a Hospital

Word Class Services

Most Advanced Technology And Equipment

Number Of Treatment Option That Even You Cant Imagine

Ismail Dental Hospital have free dental check up on every Monday since its establishment


Our aim is to provide world class dental services in every small corner of our country , that too on affordable price



Excellence require continuous hard work and continuous improvement till perfection


Leader are truly followed when they loved by their followers, it can be possible when leaders are humble to others


Nothing matters more for us when it comes to our patient , our prime focus is benefit of our patient


Ismail Dental Hospital has various staff, and work of every staff is well divide and its our special ability that each one of us perform their part with responsibility that is why we say “you can miss an appointment ,but we don’t let you”


Greater goals can only be achieved with team work, a machine will work only when every part of it even a small screw work in perfect co ordination.